The Coolest Blog in the World

the impossible cool.

I’m so jealous of this blog. It makes me feel so very uncool.

It’s an unfussy Tumblr that features the coolest people ever. Great photos and well chosen quotes. Simple and well, cool. I guess.


the impossible cool.

the impossible cool.

Dudes from the top: Walken, Thompson, Curtis, Camus.

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Scott Wayne Indiana – Nice Web Art


Scott Wayne Indiana sent me a nice email and a couple of links to his sites. The first one is his photo a day project – I really like them. That’s one of them above.

He also sent a link to 39 Forks which is a collection of his art projects. There’s some really nice stuff in there including the $200 car project where he bought a car for $200 and drove it till it broke. Here’s the road movie:

And perhaps my favourite thing of all is Web Street

Web Street on

Based on the insight that more street art is seen on the web than on actually on the street, he’s set up a blog of digitally manipulated street art. Things that have never actually existed on the street. But look like they might have done. Check it out.

Things like Banksy for Livesavers.


I’m always impressed by people who just get stuff done. They make me feel inadequate. In a good way. Have a dig around and find some things.

Nice work Scott.

New York Polaroids (From iPhone)

All I’m going to say is that I love Camera Bag. It’s an iPhone app that adds brilliant filters to the photos that come out of the shitty camera.

I know there’s something a bit overused and cheesy about Polaroid effects. But there’s something a bit nice about them too. I think the fact that it automatically creates a decent amount of white space around the image is not to be sniffed at.

To show the power of Camera Bag I’ve not touched them in iPhoto or Photoshop or anything. These are straight from the iPhone. It’s my favourite thing right now.

What A Difference A Day Makes

Bang! And the snow is gone!

The red VW is still sitting pretty, but it looks less exciting today. Andy sent me this tiltshifted version of the photo which makes the whole thing even more surreal – he done it on the Tilt Shift Maker – very cool.


Strange Photographic Co-Incidence

I hadn’t noticed that the sign in this photo said “Dress Code?” on it in big letters when I took it. But oddly it ended up right next to this…

Miyagi's Dress Code

It’s the totally bonkers dress code from Miyagi’s in LA. No Plain Tshirts – holy fuck! And what’s wrong with velour. My grandma used to buy me velour tops and she was no gangsta.

Are the proximity of these photos merely a co-incidence, or had I been hypnotised in some kind of freaky David Blaine / Derren Brown photographic experiment? I feel abused.

The Value of Really Big Pictures

Picture 1

Still at Webby Connect: Michael Zimbalist from the NYT has just said that the Big Picture Blog has doubled traffic to year on year.

Big pictures are in. ‘The fold’ is out.

Credit Crunch Pricing – Free Internet and Coffee!

The economies of the world may be crumbling, but on Brick Lane you can now get Free Coffee and Internet. We’ll be OK.

Photos of TV


A brilliant collection of strange moments on TV screens.

Found via a new blog in my repertoire: Spinning Around Seventy Seven (or it might be Seventy Seven Spinning Around). Anyway you can find it here: