Twitter Went Crazy for Snow Yesterday

In my personal bit of Twitter it felt like there was a lot of talk of snow, trains and snowmen. The thoroughly awesome Twist proves that it was a global trend. Why had no-one alerted me to Twist before? It’s fantastic and does all kinds of trending around Twitter. For some reason I couldn’t embed a live verison of the graph – but here’s a link to it.

I was astonished to find that the Superbowl had around 8% of Tweets on Sunday at 1am!

But blow me! Snow had 11% of Tweets on Monday morning at 9am. God bless the Brits and our fantastic ability to talk about the weather. Makes you proud doesn’t it…

Slightly Embarrassed Edit: Of course it did snow elsewhere in the world and I’m not claiming that it was just BritTwit that caused the snowspike. Well pointed out James.

This Twist thing could really take over my life. I must step away…

What A Difference A Day Makes

Bang! And the snow is gone!

The red VW is still sitting pretty, but it looks less exciting today. Andy sent me this tiltshifted version of the photo which makes the whole thing even more surreal – he done it on the Tilt Shift Maker – very cool.