The Times Have Changed

I went to a WW2 day in Bletchley with Sophie, my Gran, my Mum and my Auntie. It was a nice day.

I couldn’t help but notice the similarities and differences between that and other similar holiday weekends that I’ve had over the years. And those Twitter messages streaming in from the Detroit Electronic Music Festival (#demf) weren’t helping much.

The queue for the party stretched round the block:

Bletchley Park WW2 Day

Security was tight, but just right:

Bletchley Park WW2 Day - Home Guard

But the long arm of the law was never far away:

Bletchley Park WW2 Day - The Fuzz

As usual the promoter was looking pretty pleased with himself:

Bletchley Park WW2 Day - The Business

People were totally loving it:

Lindyhop Spinner

And the dancefloor was totally going off:

Lindyhop Running Man

The DJ totally rocked it:

Come my selector

Like I said. Same same but very different ;-)

Strange Photographic Co-Incidence

I hadn’t noticed that the sign in this photo said “Dress Code?” on it in big letters when I took it. But oddly it ended up right next to this…

Miyagi's Dress Code

It’s the totally bonkers dress code from Miyagi’s in LA. No Plain Tshirts – holy fuck! And what’s wrong with velour. My grandma used to buy me velour tops and she was no gangsta.

Are the proximity of these photos merely a co-incidence, or had I been hypnotised in some kind of freaky David Blaine / Derren Brown photographic experiment? I feel abused.