Flickr Enabled LCD Frame

flickr photo frameThinkGeek :: eStarling Wi-Fi Gmail / Flickr Enabled LCD Frame I’ve seen this kind of thing before and there’s something really nice about the thought of having a frame that you can subscribe to a Flickr RSS feed of your photographs, or your families photographs. Or just photographs of things you like.

But why do they have to look like something out of the Jetsons? I guess it wouldn’t be too hard to encase it in something that would fit into a real house…

Reflecting on Reflections


As Cal rightly says, reflections are going to end up as the blink tag of web 2.0 (or perhaps one of them). I started using Keynote instead of Powerpoint and was excited to find that it had a automatic reflection generator. I got bored of the novelty after 1 relflection-tastic presentation.

But now, thanks to this single piece of javascript (that can automatically make images on your website appear with reflections), I think it’s truly going to be all over for the humble reflection.

It’s kind of a shame, I liked them for a while. Oh well, cool things always have to end up being uncool, else they were never cool in the first place I guess.

Scalextric World Record – Zootube

scalextric trackHere’s a little site I’ve been working on. I’ve been keeping it a bit quiet because it’s a bit laddy (well a lot laddy in places). But it is appropriate for the target audience. It is for Zoo Magazine after all!

The site documents the exploits of Steve and Richard who’ve get given £10,000 to do interesting stuff rather than make glossy TV ads (yeah yeah I know). So far they’ve taken Keeley Hazell (a page-3 model) out to the seaside for the day (including a game of strip crazy golf), flown a fighter plane, and most recently (and impressively) built the biggest Scalextric track in the world. Check it all out here: » Scalextric

It’s really interesting to see what kind of distribution and reach you get by just using a blog and a few video sharing sites. Not sure I can give away exact numbers, but they’re looking pretty interesting – and with a bit of detective work I’m sure you could figure it out for yourselves ;-)

Stay tuned to see what happens with a little experiment in user generated content too…


Oh yes, I’m on holiday. Sorry forgot to say.

I’m in Thailand and I vowed I wouldn’t go near a computer for 2 weeks, but there was just one little tiny thing that I needed to use the internet for… That’s my resolution blown then.

Back soon x

So much good stuff…

I should be going to work right now. But I keep finding amazing things that I feel the urge to share…

Following on from ‘convert your website into a pattern’, here comes ‘what does your website sound like’. A site that turns your website into a MIDI file. Unfortunately the site seems to be over popular right now. But the results that the Make Blog made sound not 1/2 bad.

And also from the excellent Make Blog. These subway posters…

pepsi access mp3 posters

With a real live MP3 player in them. Simple. Cheap. Interactive.

I Hate Viral(s)

I’ve grown to hate the term viral:

  • I hate the fact that it’s overused.
  • I hate the fact that it’s misused.
  • I hate the fact that ‘viral’ appears as a line on media plans.
  • I hate the fact that people now call them virals. With an (s) as if it’s a genre of film like westerns.
  • I hate the fact that clients can be fobbed off with “if we add a ‘send to a friend’ link to it, that’ll make it viral”. Not all of them. But watch out for it, you can spot it.

star wars kidA wise man (Rei Imamoto from AKQA in San Francisco if you must know) said in a meeting: “Viral is a consequence”. A truer 4 words have I rarely heard spoken.

Of course you can do things that might encourage people to talk about something. Or even send it on to someone else. Or blog about it. Or anything else that ‘spreads it’. But that’s just about making something that’s relevant. Something that I want to share because I love it. Something that ticks the right psychological boxes. It’s not about sex, or shock, or violence, or any other crass ‘too hot for tv’ tactic.

Make something entertaining (sure, it could be stupid, sexy, whatever…), something thought-provoking, something that makes someone’s day in a small way. Just make something good. Your audience are the ones who decide if it’s ‘viral or not’. They’re not dumb carriers of your disease. They’re willing participants in the distribution of your content.

Right, what got me started on this little rant? Oh, that’s it. I saw this: Viral Videos that Swept the Nation. And you know what. They’re right, these are viral videos. Videos that ordinary people have decided are great. I would talk about some of them. Others leave me cold.

But the interesting thing is that only 1 out of 8 of them has any (real) connection to a brand. (I’m not including Star Wars Kid as I don’t think Lucas would have signed that one off).

I’ve changed my mind. In the spirit of positivity I like viral. I like the notion of people sharing great things with each other. As long as we never forget that the audience are the ones who decide what is, or is not, viral. 

Genuine Marketing Gimmicks – An Oxymoron?

Sorry few posts. Hectic week. Going holiday Friday. Lots to do…

I’ve started to use Radio 4 as my alarm clock. I didn’t think it would work. But people talking, gently, as they do on R4, is quite a nice way to wake up. You get kind of drawn out of sleep and into a conversation.

As I was becoming concious yesterday morning I caught this snippet. From an interview with the director of the new Omen horror film. (Due to my 1/2 waking state I’m paraphrasing):

Interviewer: Isn’t releasing your film on 6/6/6 just a cynical marketing gimmick?

Interviewee: Absolutely. Is there any other kind of marketing gimmick? I’ve never heard of a genuine marketing gimmick.

I’m pretty sure he’s wrong. There must be some genuine marketing gimmicks. In fact aren’t all marketing stunts just gimmicks? And some of those are very genuine, aren’t they? Anyone got any great examples of ‘genuine marketing gimmicks’?
(The definition of a gimmick I’m using is: “A trick or device intended to attract attention, publicity, or business”, probably thinking more about the tricky side of things).