Joy Division Zune

I’m a bit late to it but check the Joy Division Zune pre-loaded with content. Let’s face it the tech might not be your thing, but surely this is at least slightly more cool than a U2 iPod?!?

via: Coolhunting.

A New Mix For The Weekend

Ableton Mix

Actually that’s a lie. It’s not a ‘new’ mix. It’s a mix from last weekend. But I’m posting it now.

This is from Asi’s birthday party last Friday. It was a party in a pub. So I felt I had to play a bit more ‘rowdy’ than I normally would to entertain the drunkards. Hence it’s a bit full on in places – and has some well-known stuff in there too. Disclosure – I did tidy it up when I got home, but it really was almost perfect when I did it live, honest ;-)

Download from here if you so desire: (click listen, then you can download the MP3 file)


1. Heart ov Glass – Justus Kohncke
2. I don’t know (justus dub mix) – Chelnois R Jones
3. The Funk Phenomena – Armand Van Helden
4. Who Keeps Changing Your Mind – South Street Players
5. It’s Not Easy (Album Mix) – Westbam
6. I Feel Space – Lindstrom
7. Bells Of Brighton (Original Mix) – Steve Mac and Mark Brown
8. In My Arms (Tocadisco Mix) – Mylo
9. Just Can’t Get Enough (Dirty South Mix) – Depeche Mode
10. Wild Thing (Peaches Remix) – Peaches and Tone Loc
11. Superstylin (Unknown Breaks Mix) – Groove Armada
12. Outta Space – Deekline Feat. Top Cat
13. Fever Called Love – Rising High Collective
14. Positive Education – Slam
15. Age of Love – Age Of Love

Enjoy. Or don’t enjoy. Depends if you like that sort of thing.

Amazing Mix!


I chanced across a fantatic mix at twentyfourhours (one of my favourite MP3 blogs).

It’s the mix I wish I’d made.

It’s the Aeroplane Airspace mix on this page here. Aeroplane are from Belgium and you can check their MySpace page here. It’s a kind of techy disco sort of thing.


Hype Machine Stunt

Hype Machine Launch

Like this a lot. Hype Machine are going to launch their new site once 10,000 people are looking at this page:

Brilliantly it’s not when 10,000 have looked at it cumulatively, they’re waiting for 10,000 to have the page open at the same time, which is sweet (I’m deducing this because the number is going down as well as up!).

Hype machine is an MP3 blog aggregation thing that helps you find new music. It’s good. Be interesting to see what the new site’s like, once enough people are looking at it.

I Love M83


It’s true, I do love M83. Their new long player Digital Shades vol 1 is out now.

M83 make great epic soundscapes. I’m not really sure of the best way to describe them, there’s moments of noisy shoegazing bands like My Bloody Valentine, but crossed with subtler electronic stuff too. If you’re interested in finding out what they sound like you can hear them on their page.

This new release is perhaps a bit more ambient than a lot of the previous stuff, which is OK in my book.

Reason I’ve blogged about them is that they’re doing a vinyl release that also has a code to download high quality MP3 versions of the tracks. Which as a principle I like. for more.


Shit from my girlfriend’s iPod

This made me LOL. It’s a music blog post. Normally the guy posts up decent music, but he’s got a thread called SFMGFiPod (which stands for ‘shit from my girlfriend’s iPod’). He’s basically posting up the stuff that his girlfriend is listening to. By seeing the two playlists I started to almost imagine what their relationship is like based on the musical compatibility or otherwise of their two playlists.

You could do something quite funny with an online MP3 version of Mr and Mrs.

MP3s Out of Stock?

I love Boomkat – it’s a great niche online electronic music store. The content is great. It gives you a real sense that the guys running it are totally in love with the music. Plus the previews of tracks are long enough and they load quickly. And their service is great too.

I was browsing the store at the weekend and thought it was a little odd when I saw the above. If you look closely the MP3 on the right appears to be ‘Out Of Stock’. Can you ever sell out of MP3s? (I’m guessing that there might be a licensing issue or something maybe?!?).

User Archived Content

From my occasional series of ‘here’s something from the musical archives that’s pretty cool’ posts.

I love the fact that YouTube allows for the sharing of this kind of content. It’s probably not strictly ‘legal’. And it’s not strictly user-generated either, more sort of user-archived. But I think we shouldn’t underestimate the massive power of user-archives.

I started to think about how many VHS (or Betamax) cassettes there must be in lofts, attics and cupboards around the world. And what hidden gems must be on those tapes. Gradually fading away as bits of magnetic stuff lose their strength. It’s kind of sad really. But thanks to YouTube it can all live again. And find its way into the brains of people who care. Which is the opposite of sad.

Anyway, back to the clip. Donna Summer’s ‘State of Independence’ has got a really well known bit in it featuring a choir. But I had no idea who was in the Choir, I’d never thought twice about it. But this clip shows it’s probably the Carlsberg of choirs:

Via awesome MP3 blog: Dilated Choonz

Yahoo! Podcast Mystery

I’ve got no idea how this happened. But I noticed that Yahoo! Podcasts were starting to send people to Crackunit. So I traced the link back and found this page: iain tait | – Episode Page on Yahoo! Podcasts

It looks like I’ve set up a Podcast for this content, which I haven’t. And I’d be scared of doing so for copyright reasons. Especially when they’ve added a ‘download (it’s free!)’ link.

Big record labels take note, it wasn’t me, it was Yahoo! what done it, honest. Anyone got any clues on how this might have happened? It looks like Yahoo! are scraping (in the nicest possible way) for podcastable content and sticking it into their directory…

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So much good stuff…

I should be going to work right now. But I keep finding amazing things that I feel the urge to share…

Following on from ‘convert your website into a pattern’, here comes ‘what does your website sound like’. A site that turns your website into a MIDI file. Unfortunately the site seems to be over popular right now. But the results that the Make Blog made sound not 1/2 bad.

And also from the excellent Make Blog. These subway posters…

pepsi access mp3 posters

With a real live MP3 player in them. Simple. Cheap. Interactive.