Scalextric World Record – Zootube

scalextric trackHere’s a little site I’ve been working on. I’ve been keeping it a bit quiet because it’s a bit laddy (well a lot laddy in places). But it is appropriate for the target audience. It is for Zoo Magazine after all!

The site documents the exploits of Steve and Richard who’ve get given £10,000 to do interesting stuff rather than make glossy TV ads (yeah yeah I know). So far they’ve taken Keeley Hazell (a page-3 model) out to the seaside for the day (including a game of strip crazy golf), flown a fighter plane, and most recently (and impressively) built the biggest Scalextric track in the world. Check it all out here: » Scalextric

It’s really interesting to see what kind of distribution and reach you get by just using a blog and a few video sharing sites. Not sure I can give away exact numbers, but they’re looking pretty interesting – and with a bit of detective work I’m sure you could figure it out for yourselves ;-)

Stay tuned to see what happens with a little experiment in user generated content too…