Reflecting on Reflections


As Cal rightly says, reflections are going to end up as the blink tag of web 2.0 (or perhaps one of them). I started using Keynote instead of Powerpoint and was excited to find that it had a automatic reflection generator. I got bored of the novelty after 1 relflection-tastic presentation.

But now, thanks to this single piece of javascript (that can automatically make images on your website appear with reflections), I think it’s truly going to be all over for the humble reflection.

It’s kind of a shame, I liked them for a while. Oh well, cool things always have to end up being uncool, else they were never cool in the first place I guess.

One thought on “Reflecting on Reflections”

  1. I just love Keynote for being able to place items exactly where you want them and no voodoo formating required like PowerPoint.

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