Hype Machine Stunt

Hype Machine Launch

Like this a lot. Hype Machine are going to launch their new site once 10,000 people are looking at this page:


Brilliantly it’s not when 10,000 have looked at it cumulatively, they’re waiting for 10,000 to have the page open at the same time, which is sweet (I’m deducing this because the number is going down as well as up!).

Hype machine is an MP3 blog aggregation thing that helps you find new music. It’s good. Be interesting to see what the new site’s like, once enough people are looking at it.

3 thoughts on “Hype Machine Stunt”

  1. This isn’t brilliant. It’s going to take forever. It’s been stuck in the 2,000-3,000 range all day. Thankfully, I have my Beta access. ;-)

  2. Worse than that – it seems they launched before they reached 10,000 because “they couldn’t wait that long”. My takeaway – they don’t do what they say. Not such a great stunt after all.

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