I Love M83


It’s true, I do love M83. Their new long player Digital Shades vol 1 is out now.

M83 make great epic soundscapes. I’m not really sure of the best way to describe them, there’s moments of noisy shoegazing bands like My Bloody Valentine, but crossed with subtler electronic stuff too. If you’re interested in finding out what they sound like you can hear them on their last.fm page.

This new release is perhaps a bit more ambient than a lot of the previous stuff, which is OK in my book.

Reason I’ve blogged about them is that they’re doing a vinyl release that also has a code to download high quality MP3 versions of the tracks. Which as a principle I like.

http://www.ilovem83.com/ for more.

3 thoughts on “I Love M83”

  1. This one is close to my heart. I love when labels do this, it seems like a no briner service to me. This usually means no one does it…
    I’ve bought the IP, gimme the damn file already.
    I buy records, I wish every label would be so forward thinking. Most, are thinking too much of the bank balance and not enough of the service.

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