Roll Over

I think this will be my last word on the Subway thing. But I’m never one to say never…

I got a nice mail from Tom at Agency (he of “Roll Big” fame). The gist of the mail was:

  • They’ve been reacting to things as they unfold (and IMHO in a pretty smart way, not being overly defensive, etc.)
  • They’ve had fun doing it (which is also great to hear)

I’m starting to get a funny feeling that there may be a lot more to this story than we’ve seen. But only time will tell. I do think it’s good that they took a risk, and I hope they can substantiate a story to the client in an interesting way and that what they’ve unleashed somehow meets the client brief. Maybe one day we’ll all get to see exactly how it worked, I’m sure it’ll make an interesting story.

I still think it’s a really big risk though. There will be people out there who may never see the conclusion of the story and will forevermore see as the ‘roll big’ agency. And I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

Correction: It’s not my last word on the matter, I couldn’t help myself when I saw this page in my referrers. To see all the noise the campaign has created check this page that appears to be monitoring, very closely, what’s being said about the campaign. Nice to see Agency using web apps to do their work better. I guess they could even maybe give the link to a prospective client ;-)

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