Microsoft Brainwash

Whilst watching the demo of this interesting new Microsoft product: Microsoft Live Labs: Photosynth – Video

I noticed that the guy had a bottle of Microsoft Brainwash on his desk. Surely a funny gag that’s been put in there by some kind of prankster.

But no, it’s real! And very very rare, it’s selling for $80 a bottle at Sodaking.

Don’t forget to have a look at Photosynth – it’s a really cool concept that stitches together loads of photos from potentiallly loads of sources to create a 3d environment. It’s pretty far out.

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3 thoughts on “Microsoft Brainwash”

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  2. Photosynth… Synth indeed. I call vapourware – it’s a cool idea but I dunno, I don’t think that their ‘vision’ is possible (not now anyway). I mean sure it’s possible when you go out and collect photos specifically for this application but to go and index something like flickr and automatically do it? Lala land. For instance, when tourists go to the Vatican or the Arc de Triomphe, just about everyone takes the same photo, from the same spot, they don’t take photos that can be used in a 3d construction. Besides, even if it could be made into a 3d construction, there’s questionable value in stiching up a bunch of 72dpi photos to ‘walk through’ besides eye candy. Typical propaganda from M$, you won’t hear anything more about photosynth.

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