I lied

I know I said I’d shut up about a certain topic, but…

Kevin left a comment asking what I thought of his opinions on the Agency.com thing. So I thought the least I could do is take a look. He makes some very good points, however, as I said before it’s all just speculation without knowing how Subway have been engaged.

My favourite part of his posts is:

First, they might honestly be trying to win the interactive account for Subway… the tagline “We roll BIG” sounds pre-meditated and fabricated. Also, based on the control of the logo as viewed on the “explanation” site, it appears to be along the same identity guidelines as would be typical of Subway. Could they be suggesting a strategy that focuses on Subway’s sandwich rolls?

Doh! Of course. Roll BIG, BIG Rolls. How could I have been such a fool. Such a patsy (or a patty if we’re in the game of sandwich related wordplay). And to think, I made them a t-shirt ;-)

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One thought on “I lied”

  1. Noooo! Surely the ‘Rolls’ reference wasn’t intentional.

    Why can’t ad-folk people believe this whole saga ISN’T premeditated?

    Whatever it’s meaning, this is a perfect opportunity to update our notion of ‘interactivity’.

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