Photojojo – A Smart Thank You

If you’ve not come across photojojo and you use a digital camera a big chunk of your life is missing.

They deliver some of my favourite online content. So I did an odd thing this morning, I switched from using their RSS feed to getting their email newsletter. I know that might sound perverse to many of you, but my RSS is now more hectic than my email and I quite often don’t check it so much or so deeply.

Anyway, ofter signing up for the newsletter. This is the screen you get:

photojojo thanks

Whether you love or loathe their slacker-speak, that’s neither here nor there. What they’ve done is pick something that you might be up for doing next to help them out. Adding the site to But IT”S JUST ONE THING!

They’re not saying, add it to digg, add it to mag.nol.ia, or newswhackka, or whatever. It’s a very simple ask. And I found myself just doing it. I’m almost certain that if there’d been a huge array of links I’d have not bothered.

Keep it simple.

That reminds me, I meant to write a post in praise of an excellent book I read on holiday: The Paradox of Choice – Why Less is More by Barry Schwartz. More about that later I guess.

Big Chill Human Snail Race

Here’s a little clip I made of the Human Snail Race at the Big Chill festival this year. Someone showed me the ‘Silent Movie Mode’ on my digital camera and it became quite a hit (it puts stuff in black and white and speeds it up a bit).

It’s amazing how many otherwise normal people wanted to strap themselves into sleeping bags with shells on and wriggle along the ground on their tummies. Perhaps it’s a repressed desire in all of us…

My Thai Dancing Worm

quality=”high” width=”320″ height=”256″ name=”movie” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” pluginspage=””>

When I was in Thailand I saw this little fellow dancing on his thread as I walked up a path. I tried to film it with my digital camera, the autofocus doesn’t work well and it makes a horrible noise. Can anyone think of a track I can use as a soundtrack for this clip to drown out the motor noise. Winner will be famous or something.

Also anyone got a clue what kind of creature this is?

Sunrise over Canary Wharf

I didn’t ever want to start making this a what-i-had-for-breakfast-blog, but a combination of a few things have driven me to this post.

1. A new camera – finally I’ve got one that I can carry around without needing a rucksack, hooray!
2. I’m liking bright cold mornings right now. This felt like a nice expression of that.
3. Setting up my blog to integrate with Flickr.

So, this is what I saw out of the office window when I arrived at work early the other day, shot on my new digital camera, posted on Flickr. (And I had peanut butter on toast for breakfast).