Bowler Hat Bike Helmet


I was joking with Katie at Poke the other day about how a big bowler hat would make an ideal cycling helmet. Well she’s just mailed me to say that it’s not just a silly idea, it’s a reality!

Well done chaps at Bobbin Bicycles (although at £195 I might not be getting one just yet). They also stock the Yakkay range which I blogged about last year.

Nice work Katie for finding them. If you’re not aware of Katie Marcus’ work you should go and have a look at her lovely blog: – she finds (and makes) things so lovely they make me a bit sick. In a good way.

Finally Someone’s Done Cool Bike Helmets

Big up the Danish company Yakkay. I’m so glad that someone’s made cycling helmets that don’t look like some piss-poor Tron rip-off or a bit of Super Mario fancy dress. It’s been on my list of things to sort out in the world for a while.

With the Yakkay system you buy the base helmet, and then you can choose nice covers for them…

YAKKAY - brainwear for smart people. Bicycle Helmet, cover, Izmir, Dublin, Paris, Tokyo.

I’ve got a couple of reservations though…

They might just look like really big comedy “It’s A Knockout” hats. How do I know this model hasn’t got a massive head that makes the helmet look OK?

Min sang

And also I’m not sure that this looks like the most robust and safest type of helmet in the world. I wouldn’t trust myself to get the pads in the right places to save my life…

Min sang

via: Springwise

Boo hoo. I missed Rider Spoke.

I’m a little gutted.

I just got the programme for the Brighton Festival and got all excited when I saw that Blast Theory’s location based cycling thingy Rider Spoke is coming to Brighton for a weekend! Woo hoo!

Then I called up to try and book. And it’s all sold out. Boo Hoo.

Read more about the project here.

And just in case anyone’s got a ticket they can’t use, you know where I am ;-)