Bowler Hat Bike Helmet


I was joking with Katie at Poke the other day about how a big bowler hat would make an ideal cycling helmet. Well she’s just mailed me to say that it’s not just a silly idea, it’s a reality!

Well done chaps at Bobbin Bicycles (although at £195 I might not be getting one just yet). They also stock the Yakkay range which I blogged about last year.

Nice work Katie for finding them. If you’re not aware of Katie Marcus’ work you should go and have a look at her lovely blog: – she finds (and makes) things so lovely they make me a bit sick. In a good way.

3 thoughts on “Bowler Hat Bike Helmet”

  1. They look a lot like riding helmets – which are, after all, helmets made up to look like hats – albeit with a brim. On a related note, I’ve always wondered if one of those rasta hats would fit over a helmet.

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