14 thoughts on “Confidence In Blog Posts Over Time – My Analysis (Slideshare)”

  1. That is the best slide show I have ever seen. Even if I am in that ‘oh, it’s one of the positive feedbackers’, not sure, but presume I might be. You should feel so insignificant- I can count the amount of comments I’ve had on one hand. That is either a reflection of how poor my posts are, or just a distinct lack of traffic.
    Both I fear. Now I’ve lost my confidence

  2. Is this false modesty or a bit of reassurance to the rest if us who regularly post banal, mispelled bollox? You write irritatingly well buddy and are a yardstick by which most blogs should be measured. Now, more pith and lets pathos please…

  3. That has just made me cry.

    OMG…..but….um….it’s a WEBSITE! Stop the press ;-)

    PS Don’t disappear. Ever x

  4. on the money. Although as my old blogging partner-in-crime Tom [ plasticbag.org ] and I were reminiscing, when we started blogging, the feedback loop was a bit slower because we didn’t have comments. Or twitter. Or permalinks (this was right at the beginning though). So you got feedback on your blog from emails and via links to your front page. And you knew all the other bloggers in the world anyway so it was all a bit of an incestuous love in. Although getting a FPP on metafilter was still quite a biggie. Ah, them’s the days….

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