Something Nutty For The Weekend


Steve sent me this. Thanks Steve. It’s a mix by Kidda who I like and have blogged about before.

If you’d like a 30 minute mix of total nutbag music to make your head go really funny. I can’t really describe it musically. It’s like someone’s put 90s big beat through a massive ‘ave it filter. I think today’s work is going to be much louder then normal.

I love the brutal use of a massive 2 screen wide quicktime play bar on the site. They have no fear or shame. And that is to be commended.

3 thoughts on “Something Nutty For The Weekend”

  1. I’m sitting in an Indian hotel room staring at a black screen, lacking the energy to do what I need to do. I’ve just started listening to this and I’m already feeling like I’m back in the game.

    Cheers, and good evening from India.

  2. Cheers Iain,
    This has made the last hour of Friday in gloomy Hammersmith a lot more bearable. Bring on the weekend.

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