Tony Wilson and Eva Pascoe on the Internet

Awesome footage. Eva Pascoe (founder of Cyberia and member of the digerati) tells Tony Wilson all about the internet.

[Update: Thanks to Steve for the link to the newer better version of the video – nice one mate]

7 thoughts on “Tony Wilson and Eva Pascoe on the Internet”

  1. Ah, dear Eva, I remember her in those heady mid-90s days. Regine Debatty has kind of usurped her as the cute Euro-accented lady of interesting stuff on the interweb these days hasn’t she?

  2. And what about Tony Wilson’s baggy suits, that were his trademark on Granada TV in the late 80s and early 90s?

    On Granada Reports he used to rock them with a white polka dot on a black background kipper tie. On his late night shows he went for the above look which was more Talking Heads versus Armani.

  3. I particularly liked Tony Wilson going: “…and the heart is also a Hypertext link! I just love it…”.

    I just completely forgot it used to be that way, it’s a good reminder!

  4. Gosh, well found. That was an early bit of Cimex magic the CD-Rom that came from. Imagine a very young Ian Haynes slaving away into the night with AfterEffects 1.0 to get the diagonal video working!

  5. Hey, please up date your video to this one…

    I will be taking down the old video very soon (along with my old YouTube account). The new version of the video isn’t tilted, with any border and the audio sync is much better. Hope you enjoy it.


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