ZOMG Japanese Knife Porn

Man buys rusty old Japanese knife for $3 and transforms it. Stick around to the end. Ridiculous.

It’s been seen by 24m people (at the time of posting). But that means there’s still a lot of us who hadn’t seen it. Including me. Until just before I posted this. And maybe you? Until now.

via: Reddit


When Katy Perry gets Paul Van Dyk in to produce her next album we can celebrate Peak Trance. But in the meantime if 90s trance is a pleasure (guilty or otherwise), you need this in your ears…

Trance Wax appears to be a side project of Ejeca. Dishing out remixes of classic trance / prog house gems: Future Sound of London, Orbital, BT, etc.

And in case you missed it, this mini-doc on the origins of Darude’s Sandstorm is worth a watch too:

I did a bit of post-watch digging and ended up on Darude’s Twitch Channel – which is yet another work of genius.

Bucolic post-rave melancholia

Honestly, BPRM (as I’ve just labelled it) is my new favourite audio-visual subculture. It combines rural/suburban landscapes with sounds that feel like your brain on a come-down (with a few fading bubbles of euphoria fizzing round the edges). The first two also whack in a healthy dose of text-based rave nostalgia. What’s not to love.

Earlier in the week I stumbled across this amazing video for the incredible Bicep track Glue:

Love. Love. Love. So many of my favourite things in one place. Congrats to Joe Wilson, and the team at Topsafe.

It made my mind wander back to this belter of a video from Erol Alkan from a few years ago. A Hold on Love. Massively smiled at this story all over again. Nice work Daniel Brereton (check his site, there’s lots more music vid goodness).

Then, tonight I came across this from Bibio – Phantom Brickworks III (Edit), from the new album Phantom Brickworks.

Any other examples of the genre spring to mind? Please add in the comments below.

Waiting in Line 2 Hack You

I was chatting to Jordy van den Nieuwendijk at Here on Friday. And he mentioned that he’d worked with a guy at W+K NYC who was responsible for Waiting in Line 3D.

WIL3D is one of my favorite things of all time, and having the warped mind behind it working for the same company is beyond thrilling!

So like a proper fanboy I sent Rajeev a message of love and admiration. Rajeev send a nice message back, and pointed me at a recent project called Nice2HackYou which is also for a band, and also mind-bendingly awesome.

I installed the Chrome Extension and held my breath. Thankfully I installed it on a ‘clean’ machine. So I’ve got very little Fox News or other disgusting items in my browser history…



10 Reasons Digital Is Better Than Advertising – Remixed

This is all going to seem a little strange. Why on earth would anyone want to remix a presentation in such a fashion?

Well it’s a funny story you see. I was mucking around with some basic VJing software. It’s a thing called Quartonian that can take a folder full of images and do crazy stuff with them (using Quartz Composer on the Mac if you’re geekily inclined).

Anyway I tried it out with some holiday snaps and it was a bit odd. The images were all a bit too, well, holiday like. I wanted some pictures that had a more thought out narrative. So I thought why not stick a presentation through the VJing software? I didn’t want to use a client presentation so this is what came to hand.

Here’s what happened:

10 Reasons Digital is Better than Advertising from iaintait on Vimeo.

Oh my good lord I can see myself having some fun with This. Slipping in transformation like this 1/2 way through a boring creds presentation into an acid inspired 3d alternate reality…

The original version of the presentation can be seen in video format with me presenting it over at PSFK. The remixed version is much shorter and more interesting though ;-)

[If you want to do such a thing, and why wouldn’t you? It’s really very simple – just export your presentation out of Keynote or Powerpoint as a series of JPEGs, then point Quartonian at the folder – you’re away! I turned it back into video using Snapz Pro to screen capture the output]