This Busker is Well Good

Saw him in North Laine on Saturday. This epic psychedelic trance improv was just part of his set. A proper one-man-band with mad skills.

Again sorry for the video quality. I think I might have to invest in some kind of camera that can do half decent video content. Anyone got any tips? I’ve been recommended the Sanyo Xacti ones as being pretty hot.

One thought on “This Busker is Well Good”

  1. Noice…

    My best busker was also an acid busker but it was at Glastonbury a few years ago. He had made a tricycle with a huge pedal powered bass bin at the back and a 303 synth on the handle bars. He was just riding round the festival churning out the beats.

    One day I’ll make one myself and go to The Burning Man with it. (Yeah. Right. Someday.)

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