WTF WWF – Massive Paper Plane and Boat Project

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Here’s the short version of the story:

With the WWF we’re building a massive paper plane and massive paper boat. We’re then going to fly / sail them (somehow) to the Houses of Parliament. If you sign up to the online petition your name will be included on the boat and plane.

A bit more detail:

  • The whole thing has been designed to pressure the government to strengthen the climate change bill. Currently the bill is a good thing. But it needs to be better.
  • Why a plane and a boat? Well currently aviation and shipping are left out of the bill. And they are the fastest growing sources of emissions. This can’t be right. So we’re using them as symbols to represent the weakness in the bill.

More info here.

The site’s growing daily. And we’re reporting on the whole thing as we go. We really don’t know how big we’re going to be able to make these things and how we’re going to get them to parliament. There will be more information on how it’s going to work as we figure it out. And it’s not bull, we really are sorting it out on the fly.

Which might be just a little bit risky. But it makes for a more interesting project. Not sure how everyone will feel if we only end up with a small plane being pushed to parliament in a rusty shopping trolley though…

Here’s hoping it won’t come to that.

I’ve just realised that after my ranting about blogger outreach I can’t really tell anyone about this unless I’m very very careful. So if you’re a blogger or contributor to anything I’d really appreciate it if you’d spread the word. It is for a good cause after all ;-)

Please sign up, and bring others with you!

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6 thoughts on “WTF WWF – Massive Paper Plane and Boat Project”

  1. Hey Iain! I signed, e-mailed, re wrote, etc. Also published on my blog and facebook with lots of kudos to you.

    I think this is a brilliant task you and your colleagues are doing. I have been a member of the WWF (doing what I can being an unemployed creative) for about five years now. I hope one day when I work for an agency I can use it as leverage to do good deeds for charity and events, clients or not.

    Great concept, great website. It makes you want to interact, play, find out what your carbon count is. “Am I as ‘green’ as I think I am?” Just generally dig in and yes, “get on board”.

    Good luck, to you and your team, WWF and us all when the bill comes around.

    Okay, I’ve come across like a cheerleader on happy pills!

    All the best,

  2. I would sign up, but as I signed up to a “save the rainforest” thing last week I can only sign up to this and live with myself if you guarantee that the plane and boat will be made from *recycled* paper.

  3. Good point!

    Don’t worry it’s all going to be recycled paper, and it’s going to be recycled once we’re finished. To do it any other way would be a schoolboy error!

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