This is the second time I’ve said I don’t want to blog about what I had for breakfast. But in a roundabout way I’m doing it again…

This morning I stopped at a little stand called MOMA at London Bridge (I have to admit the first time I saw their sign I did a double take as I thought they were advertising MDMA which wouldn’t be usual commuter fodder at 8am).

They sell healthy breakfast things. Oaty-Yoghurty things as well as dried fruits and that kind of stuff. All looks very nice, and like a worthy way to start my day. So for the first time today I bought one. And here’s how the interaction went:

me: what’s that, and what’s that
stallholder: explains…
me: ok, I’ll have one
stallholder: puts pot in bag and pops in a little card, says: “hope you enjoy it, will you email us and let us know what you think

Here’s the card:

moma card

And you know what. I will email them and let them know what I thought. And not only that, I’ll write it on my blog too:

Really tasty. I feel satisfied but not over-full. And I’ll definitely go back for me.

And yes, lots of companies say: “tell us what you think”. But how often does someone actually ask you face to face to email them about whether you like something or not. Big companies with big customer service budgets (and marketing budgets for that matter) could learn a thing from a little stall inside a station.

You can find out more about them at: http://www.momafoods.co.uk

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  1. I blogged about them a while back but not as succintly…they are great.

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