Henry Rollins Meets Techno Viking

OMG! So good.

If you’ve not seen the original rant it’s here:

And I know you’ve all seen Techno Viking. However, I never tire of his wonderful adventures…

Thank you @paryshnikov – I needed to see that.

Techno Viking’s Route on Google Maps

Größere Kartenansicht

Thanks to Andy Polaine for the link to the map.

I couldn’t help but open it in Goolge Earth.

Google Earth

Then I started fantasising about how great it’s going to be once they add Street View to Berlin. Then I can retrace the footsteps of the mighty one.

Here he is again, just in case you’ve forgotten his immense power:

Techno Viking in Oil – Painting Internet Memes

This guy paints scenes from Internet memes. He used to paint scenes from video games. But he’s moved on. You can buy them at Etsy. Unfortunately Techno Viking has sold out, or else it would be mine right now.

Thanks Jonathan for the tip-off.