Techno Viking in Oil – Painting Internet Memes

This guy paints scenes from Internet memes. He used to paint scenes from video games. But he’s moved on. You can buy them at Etsy. Unfortunately Techno Viking has sold out, or else it would be mine right now.

Thanks Jonathan for the tip-off.

7 thoughts on “Techno Viking in Oil – Painting Internet Memes”

  1. technoviking really is one of the best things that’s ever been published.
    made even better that he hasn’t been found (as far as I can tell).

  2. Technoviking yeeeeeeah! i got a friend who wants to be this crazy guy, hes getting long his beard as him… cheers

  3. Awesome. He’s like Isaac Mendez or something. Big up the Viking!

  4. What a great idea painting scenes from video games. As for Technoviking I agree with Stuart it is one of the best things I seen on the net.

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