Prison Dancing

The clip of prisoners doing the Thriller dance has been featured all over the place, in case you missed it, here it is:

But I looked about and found these two which are less impressive from a choreography point of view. But somehow I found them a bit more odd. I think it might be because they’re less ‘cool’ they make you wonder how the whole prisoners dancing thing actually happens and makes it onto YouTube. I can almost imagine people signing up to do the zombie thriller dance. But Jumbo Hot Dog?

Or Radio Gaga…

And there’s a couple of odd ones from Sister Act too…

But the clip you have to watch is the promo video for the prison and its methods (I can’t embed it so you’re going to have to make a leap over to the YouTube site).


I thought it was going to reveal the whole thing is a spoof 1/2 way through. It’s all shot by the same director as the main clips so I’m pretty sure it’s all genuine.

EDIT: Just found this interview with Byron Garcia who’s responsible for the clips from Reuters .