I spotted these two posters on the way to work this morning.

May we reach for the laser?

I just liked the way they’d turned over-used and cliched rave commands / MC chat into polite questions. It makes them sound so very British.

And you know what, the nights are in May too. So the posters are double clever. (They look like 2 very good nights by the way if staying up late is your thing).

Which reminded me that I’d not posted this receipt that I got in NY recently.

PLUR Receipt

In case you don’t know PLUR is / was(?) is a big thing in US rave-speak (at least that’s how it’d seem from the outside). Wikipedia confirms it, so it must be true…

The UK equivalent has to be receipts with “I’m on one matey” or “Aceeeeeeeeeid” on the bottom. Who’s got a programmable till and can furnish me with such a thing ;-)

My Kung Fu Style is More Googleable Than Yours!

I found this quite amusing.

This Kung Fu class poster looked relatively standard:


Then I noticed this:


I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself why I imagined:


It’s amazing that Google Ranking has now become something that even Kung Fu masters aspire to. I’m going to start a Search Fu temple, taking talented kids and turning them into Monks of the Meta Tag.

Is It Just Me…

Or has the language of dots next to something taken on a meaning that perhaps it didn’t have before…

Gym Graphics

When I spotted this in the window of a hotel I thought to myself: “How odd that they’re promoting the fact that their facilities are only 1/3 as good as they should be”. In my head when I see coloured-in blobs next to words I assume that they’re some kind of rating.

Damn you internet, damn you! You’ve made meaningless graphical circle-noodling into something more.