Nice Macmillan Cancer Support People

macmillan handout

I’d already seen a poster for this and was going to write about it.

I was going to write about it because I just thought it was a really nice idea, having a big coffee morning to raise money. Especially when it’s a charity whose purpose is to provide support to people who are affected with cancer, so the feeling of a coffee morning is just right.

Then when I got to the station there was a girl standing by a big cup handing out these to people who walked by:

macmillan biscuit

I have to admit I’m not really a fan of people handing stuff out like this, normally it just ends up being pointless rubbish. But a biscuit. To advertise a coffee morning. That’s OK. Then I realised that the girl was targeting people who were carrying cups of coffee, and giving them a biscuit to go with it. And the copy in the handout references that.

I thought that was a really subtle touch that turns the whole thing from being pretty good, to being very good.

So if you want to find out more about holding a charity coffee morning in your workplace on the 28th September for a good cause. Visit


There’s only one thing that I can think about at the moment. I went to my first funeral yesterday.

My good friend Oliver Padfield died from cancer when I was away on holiday. He was only a few weeks older than me. He leaves behind a wife and two small children.

Although the funeral was incredibly sad, it was also a fitting testament to what a great guy he was, and a number of the tributes that people made mentioned the fact that he was an incredibly infectious character (in fact, in retrospect, this post could have been written about Olly). His popularity was evidenced by the hundreds of people that travelled to the funeral.

I’m finding it tough to come to terms with the loss of a great friend. And it really felt like a huge event. A real wake-up call to me and others who knew him that life is all too short. And we all need to live our lives so that we’ll have no regrets about what we have, or haven’t done.

I’ll miss him dearly. But at the same time I’m incredibly proud and happy that I had the chance to know him over the last 12 or so years.

R.I.P. Oliver Padfield – One of the greatest people I’ll ever meet. 07.09.72 – 21.06.06


Please Sponsor Me

Please take a moment to consider sponsoring me. Next Sunday I’m running 10km to raise money for a charity that’s helping a very good friend of mine who’s very sick with cancer.

10km might not be a big deal for some people, but for a very unfit man like myself it’s a long way (and it’s very cold going for early morning runs at the moment!).

Please visit my Justgiving .com moneyraising page for more info and to sponsor me. And please tell anyone else you can think of. Many many thanks!