Britain’s Got Problems

From an anthropological point of view you ought be able to judge the health of a nation by the culture it consumes. And when you look at the semi-finalists of Britain’s Got Talent it paints a rather strange and depressing picture.

I’m pretty sure that almost all the problems in British society can be tracked back to the simple fact that our culture exists in the freakish void between these two acts:

DJ Talent

And, Floral High Notes

I don’t think any further analysis is required.

4 thoughts on “Britain’s Got Problems”

  1. Your post goes some way to explain why I saw Goldie conducting a full orchestra last year, thank you.

  2. All of this stuff gets me down to such an extent I have to actively distract myself to block it out a) when it’s actually on tv and b) when people are talking about it.

    I’ve actually started playing guitar instead of tolerating crap like this, I’m sure that my playing will increase at a huge rate.

    It should be funny, but for the reasons described in your post, it’s not.

    With every mention, I die a little bit inside.

  3. The Mexicans have a version where all contestants are pregnant and the hosts are a giraffe and a rather sinister, mute wrestler. Dunno what it’s called tuned in accidentally the other day and to be honest, not really as good as it sounds.

    Looking back at mainstream UK culture from around the world I’d say British reserve is still very much in play.

  4. there actually is a thread that connects these two monstrosities together, and its name is loose women.

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