If You Like To Be Stretched With Guitars…


Vasco my favourite Portuguese nutjob from Poke is putting on a night at Cafe OTO in Dalston. Which according to the Observer Food Monthly is the 4th coolest place to eat in Britain. And according to the Observer Food Monthly it’s the coolest place in Britain according to Italian Vogue. With that many ‘coolest according to’ accolades you need to go there at some point. Hell, even I need to go there at some point.

Anyway he’s bringing over 2 of his favourite guitarists from Portugal for one night only.

Norberto Lobo

And Manuel Mota

Maneul is undoubtedly the more challenging of the two artists and has a much freer sense of how to play a guitar. But it’s the kind of thing that someone from The Wire would say something like this about:

the guitarist has quite simply created a world of his own

I love the fact that Vasco has dipped into his own pocket to put on a night of music that he loves. And he’s a nice guy so I’m getting behind it.

If you fancy going to see something different at the coolest place in Britain here’s the links you need:

Online booking: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/48643
Venue website: http://cafeoto.co.uk/programme/MANUELMOTA.shtm
Last.fm page: http://www.last.fm/event/1048641

3 thoughts on “If You Like To Be Stretched With Guitars…”

  1. AAAAAA!!!!! I SOOO wished I could be there! Looks like an super set up! Hats off to Vasco!!

    So PC of you to say that Maneul is more challenging. If you ask me only Norberto Lobo plays guitar, while Manuel Mota is still trying to work out how it all fits together ;)

    I would like to see Maneul adding another dimension to his style, by using surrounding objects (a bit what I tend to do from time to time) and maybe team up with a aggressive singer, like Zack de la Rocha!!

    Yeah, but, anyway; undoubtedly a superb combination of artists for a good night out!

    Vasco vs. The World 1 – 0

  2. If I could play the guitar it would be like either of those two legends. I’ve just bought two tickets because I think it will be amazing.

  3. Hey guys thanks for your support!
    I’m really looking forward to it.

    Iain: Thanks for such an amazing post!
    Nico: Hopefully, after the gig it will be something like London 15 – 0 Rest of the World ahaha
    Steve: Thanks for coming, I’ll see you there!

    I can also tell you that to warm up the crowd there will be a secret supporting band! So get there early :)

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