DIY Love:Hate Posters

Wall Art Posters | Modern Wall Art | DIY Design: Love/Hate Posters by Ben Dodgson | Design Supremo

I liked this poster set. You get a love poster and a hate poster. And 3 sheets of Letraset based words and phrases.

Without wanting to be a wanker about it, I like the fact that it forces you to make a simple binary decision about a bunch of things and commit your opinions to paper via the act of rubbing.

Below is 1 of the 3 sheets. I already know I like Stanton Warriors and Sheds, but some of the other things are harder to figure out.


And another thing that’s nice. If you actually complete one, photograph it and send a photo back they’ll give you a free t-shirt from their catalogue. That sounds to me very much like a circle getting completed. Hooray.

This and lots more nice stuff at Design Supremo.

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