iPhone as VJ / DJ Controller via Midi

I know someone who is holding out on getting an iPhone because he was a bit scathing about them when they first came out. He’s scared of being shown up as a fool and a traitor when he gets one.

This video is just another example of the kind of thing that becomes possible if he just swallowed his pride. Nik, it’s time. It really is.

And if that wasn’t enough, this video showing an iPhone controlling Ableton Live nearly made me wee with excitement:

7 thoughts on “iPhone as VJ / DJ Controller via Midi”

  1. This stuff is all great. But I have an impression that a lot of stuff floating around in digital ad-land is techno-hype and (excuse my vulgarity) all fart and no shit.
    Lots of digital stuff lacks strategy, and so it’s comes across as form without meaning. Perhaps that’s why lots of digital agencies want ATL people trained in ‘thinking’.

  2. Marie… Probably not actually…

    1. This post has nothing to do with Ad’s or “Digital”…

    2. A lot of ATL stuff lacks strategy, what’s your point? A lot of digital agencies have people originally from ATL agencies that tout their ‘thinking’ but when it comes down to it, they’re “all Fart and no Shit” as you say… ATL definitely has no monopoly on strategic thinking…

  3. I agree with Andrew.

    Just because a planning department trained in ‘thinking’ has spent time and effort creating a ‘strategy’ doesn’t mean that a 60s TV fart doesn’t stink.

    And besides it was nothing to do with advertising – not to say that it might not have one day if there’s a neat way of communicating using that technology.

  4. Awesome! I doubt I’ll ever get round to doing that kind of stuff even if (or when, perhaps) I get an iPhone, but I seem to have more arguments from everyone around me for getting one every day! I might almost be ready to give in ;o)

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