O2 Bad Web Page

The new O2, we’re out of stock of the 3G iPhone, page is bad. For a number of reasons. The whole upgrade/ordering thing was a farce, but more on that elsewhere

But worst of all is the padlock in the top right hand corner.

In my book a padlock on web pages means something. Normally that the page is secure. The page in question, is not secure:

A big company like O2 should know better than to mess about with the sanctity of the padlock.

8 thoughts on “O2 Bad Web Page”

  1. Bad bad bad. I can’t believe how badly they have stuffed this up. I guess they can get away with it being the only carrier in the UK. But it’s shit.

  2. They also miss a great opportunity to capture potential customers email addresses to contact them when the phone is available again.

  3. Yup. Making disappointed people do all the legwork could be considered an error…

  4. This is still a problem 2 months later. I want to buy a o2 Stellar (as it can be used as a modem, unlike the iPhone) and it’s not a secure checkout.

    I emailed them to tell them and they replied
    “Thanks for emailing us and I’m sorry you’re having problems placing your order online.

    There is no reported fault with our website. If you’re having problems placing your order for the O2 Stellar from our website, please call our sales team on …”

    *I’m* telling you there a problem. You don’t need to get someone else to tell you.

    Idiots. Let’s try Vodafone.

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