upl8.tv from Poke NY

The chaps at Poke NY have just spawned a new thing of total awesomeness.

Basically it’s a YouTube viewer that allows you to browse YouTube clips using just the space bar. You visit the site and start watching. If you don’t like the clip. Hit space and you’ll move on to the next one. They’ve loaded it up with a bunch of clips that they like (which is a pretty good selection in its own right).

Visit http://upl8.tv to check it out.

But it’s also incredibly easy to create your own experience, all you have to do is add your term after the trailing slash in the URL.

So if you want to view a selection of clips featuring kittens you’d just go to http://upl8.tv/kittens.

Or if you wanted to randomise a bunch of 80s pop videos just check http://upl8.tv/80s+pop.

URLs + spacebar. A great navigational combo for drunk / stoned / lazy people.

6 thoughts on “upl8.tv from Poke NY”

  1. and it’s AWESOME if you are all three.

    Iain – I’m coming to London – come to beersphere on Thurs.

  2. Sent this around to my team earlier today and few came back saying they wished buttons worked. It’s that they don’t work that that appeals to me. There’s no shortage of buttons on the internet to be pushed. The beauty of this is the ambiance and glancability. It’s a thing of great beauty.

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