Balloonacy is Go! Hooray!

After lots of late nights and hard work by lots of valiant people at Poke the Orange Balloon Race is finally live and running. And it seems to be working like a dream (fingers crossed). You probably saw it obscuring the front of the site when you first arrived…

The servers are getting hammered with about 14 Trillion Terrabytes a second. But I guess that’s the price you pay for doing some kind of distributed, fancy-pants thing. You live and learn. You live and learn.

25 thoughts on “Balloonacy is Go! Hooray!”

  1. theres a bug you might want to check out.

    If you have your map page and balloon flying page open and refresh the map page, the bonuses disappear and reappear somewhere else. I was about to land on a page with a rainbow, i refreshed the map page, and the rainbow was gone and i couldnt pick up the bonus :(

  2. Ok, so if we accidentally click to get rid of the balloons permanently, how do we get them back and if we can’t do we navigate by going back to the start page everytime?



  3. also occasionally ive seen the same website on both exits on the map however if one has a bonus on it, its impossible to tell which one to navigate to using the arrow keys.

    Hope that makes sense.

  4. Hello Iain,

    Well done. It’s excellent. Really excellent. I’ve been mucking about with it all aftenoon. Problem though… umm, although my site is registered and I got an email saying that it wasn’t working, i fixed it and got an email saying we’re ready to go. But there are no balloons on my site, just the little balloon all lonely in the corner. I’m sure you’re not the official troubleshooter but if you know what’s wrong then be nice to join in the fun.
    Ta x

  5. Thought this would be fun but it’s actually annoying… everytime my balloon leaves a page and I follow it, it goes back to the same page and leaves it again. Means that I lose any boost etc I’ve collected whilst leaving. Grrrr.

  6. Great work! I was initially a bit freaked that it obscured the whole of my blog but it probably wouldn’t work otherwise.

  7. arrgh took 10 minutes to drift towards a site with a balloon and when i got to it, there wasnt one???

  8. It’s absolutely bloody brilliant!!! I love it! Genius!

    That said, I seem to have some bugs and I can’t see a place to send any bugs on the site… My poor camel is struggling because the boost isn’t refilling itself slowly on its own (it was yesterday) and I just hit a rainbow and an extra boost and nothing happened…

    Thanks to all at Poke!

  9. I second that Genius comment. Singlehandedly the best piece of advertising ever seen on the web. I doth my hat in awe.

  10. hey! your site is cute! my balloon’s name is Edgar von Chirpface if you’d like to give him a boost. =D

  11. Why do the bonus items disappear when you refresh the map? The guy in the lead has a bonus item every other site but my balloon doesnt have any for about 10 websites. Then i check the map and theres a icon 5 sites away, i get 2 sites away from it and check the map again and its gone and the next one is ages away again???????

  12. Is there a Help for this race? Just had an email to say that my site cannot be part of the race anymore? Seemed to be ok till this morning.
    ta !

  13. I was saying to Roo, you guys need a break after this one you deserve it. The logistics make it all the more impressive (and interesting to me at least). Anyway it’s been a great event to watch!

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