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Iris are putting on an interesting event next week in London. It’s totally free so go and sign up if you like the look of it.

It’s called Under the Influence and it’s 20 talks spread around 5 pubs in Borough Market. Each one has a different theme. I’m in the boozer talking about ‘immersive experiences’ and that jazz. There’s a greeny one, a ranty one and one about content and stuff (at least I think that’s what it’s about)

My talk is provisionally entitled: “The Use of Magic in Countering Human Adaptive Tendencies“. I wanted to make it sound really pretentious and grand. But it’s just another talk about the blinking internet and the stuff I know some stuff about. I’ve just bought a magic kit though, so you never know what I might be able to do by next week…

I’m a bit nervous being as the talks are in pubs and everyone’s allowed to drink all day. And I’m at the end of the day. So I’m guessing heckling might be more of a hazard than normal… ;-)

Some top speakers spread throughout the day. Hope to see some friendly faces there :-)

4 thoughts on “I’m Chatting at Under The Influence”

  1. Looking forward to having you with us … I imagine that if anyone is going to be heckling, it will be George Parker. Fortunately for you, he’s on at another pub (the appropriately named “Runaway Tongue) at the same time as you.

    See you next week,

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