McDonalds’ Freakout

I’ve got no clue what’s going on… Comment is all pure guesswork. If you can clarify please do…

Is this an ad from Japan?

Is this a really mentalist remix of an ad from Japan (it really gets going about 2/3 the way in)?

This really does look like an ad (featuring Ronald’s freaky trance-soundtracked clown-spawn…)

And daughter of Ronald (also likes Jap-trance)…

2nd clip via Mike Laurie’s ‘Ships Biscuit’ blog. The rest was just a bunch of horrible accidents…

5 thoughts on “McDonalds’ Freakout”

  1. It is Japanese. He’s saying in the first one, whenever Ronald Mac Donald gets happy he just wants to go Lan Lan Luu! Let’s all try it together now! Lan lan luu!
    I’ma student and now feel reassure if this creative is working, piece of piss.

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