Tutortainment or Entertorials

Connected to the entertaining demos post the other day. I love the way that these Photoshop Tutorials manage to tell a story of marital breakdown and infidelity through a bunch of nerdy design-tip-screencasts.

I was laughing out loud at them last night. And now I’ve seen them on Photojojo too so I know it’s OK to confess my love for them in public.

They wouldn’t work if the balance of tutorial vs comedy wasn’t spot on. But it is. So that’s OK.

Warning: contains painful comedy and associated swearwords.

You suck at Photoshop – Episode 1

You suck at Photoshop – Episode 2

You suck at Photoshop – Episode 3

Originally via Lifehacker – it’s nice to see that productivity geeks have a sense of humour too ;-)

One thought on “Tutortainment or Entertorials”

  1. nice. be good if the tutorial was interactive. Asked you if you wanted to damage the ex’s van, make your mate look like he’s dribbled alphabetti-spagetti down his face or make your divorced parents look happy together.

    I like that it could become more of a kind of therapy and the photoshopping part is just a means to an end. ha.

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