The Scientist – The Bee

Was doing a bit of tidying in the loft today and came across this bit of vinyl. Even 17 years after its release it’s still got skills… If I had a filing system for my records I’d struggle knowing where to put it.

8 thoughts on “The Scientist – The Bee”

  1. I used to prefer The Scientist’s early track The Exorcist, used to be a real crowd pleaser with Sheffield style bleeps, nice rolling break and Malcolm X sampling ‘our religion teaches us to be peaceful, be easy, but if someone pushes in on you send’em to the cemetery’

  2. classify it under Breakbeat, Dub, Techno and Hardcore. Released in 1990, all 4 styles were being played together when pigeonholing wasn’t such a big thing. Nowadays I’d call it Old skool breakbeat.

  3. Well I didn’t find that in my loft did I?
    Thank your lucky stars I didn’t upload Step It Up by the Stereo MCs.

  4. Massive tune.

    Back then, it was just house, or breakbeat (not as in the ‘breaks’ genre which came much later or, of course ‘breakbeats’ as in Hip Hop samples.)

    Glad someone else mentioned the Exorcist. When I played your Bee clip, all I could think of was the line ‘send ’em to the cemetery’.


    I suppose now, you might look back and call it oldschool or breaks and bleeps or something. Who care’s what it’s called? Tunes like this are historic.

    Ged mentioned Sheffield so I have to mention LFO by LFO: an all-time hall of famer.

    Well done for posting this clip, Iain. We’re showing our age (in a good way.)

  5. I’ve still got this on 12″ vinyl too, still love it, have the exorcist too grrrrrr both great

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