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If you’re a Mac-head it’d have been hard not to have noticed MacHeist over the last couple of weeks. Basically it’s a bunch of small software makers who’ve joined together to bundle up their software at a too-good-to-miss price point. You can get 14 different packages for the princely sum of $49 (for us UK’ers that’s a double-good deal at the moment). But it’s only available for the next couple of days – don’t miss out.

Plus they’re giving away 25% of the proceeds to charities you can choose which one(s) you support.

It’s worth it just for Snapz Pro and Appzapper alone. I’m just trying out some of the others and think that 1password could be a total blinder, and Pixelmator looks like a great photo editing package for those of us that can’t justify spending lots on Photoshop. Plus there’s some games in there and some other handy apps I’ve not dug into yet.

I like MacHeist both as a bundle of software. And as a promotional mechanic too. Not sure how the economics work for the individual publishers, but it’s certainly a great way of getting their stuff out there and creating a wide and deep online footprint for their products.

4 thoughts on “Mac Software Bundle”

  1. AppZapper seems to get thrown into every software bundle. I find it doesn’t remove all the little bits as well as other programs like CleanApp will. 1passwd & Pixelmator are both great. And if you’re a heavy rapidshare-type user, then SpeedDownload is a gift from heaven.

  2. I’m pretty disappointed in the MacHeist guys. For some reason the server wouldn’t process my order and I just got the cryptic “An error has occurred, you order could not be processed” without any hint as to what was wrong. I tried a few more times and got the same thing.

    I e-mailed them and was told to “try another browser”. I was on Safari, you’d think it would work for MacHeist right? Anyway, it wasn’t the browser.

    I then spoke to my bank who told me the credit card debit had been approved. Ten times. I’ve sent five e-mails to MacHeist and heard nothing back, nor did I get a bundle or purchase confirmation e-mail. Not even an apology and a “don’t worry, we won’t charge you” mail.

    All of which is really lame. I’m hoping the credit card approvals don’t go through otherwise I can see a “I lost all my money in a MacHeist” headline coming.

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