Sunny Saturday in The Loft – A Mix


I don’t know why, but I felt the urge again.

I went upstairs to the loft on Saturday and put myself to work making another mix. In a kind of similar vein to the last one (Rainy Saturday in the Loft – A Mix) and I can’t quite tell if the weather made any difference. It was certainly a bit nicer to do with sun coming through the skylights.

Tracklist is:

  1. Trippin On Eva Be (Spleen’s 8 Channel Dub Remix) – Eva Be
  2. Listen To The Drums (Clignancourt Edit) – Outlines
  3. The Mating Game Feat Bitter-Sweet – Makossa and Megablast
  4. Little Ease (Lindstrom and Prins Thomas remix) – Brennan Green
  5. Take Me To The Metro (Malerhaugen Mix) – Lindstrom
  6. Clock Shift – Manuel Tur
  7. Stratus Energy (Special Disco Mix) – Faze Action
  8. Mutes (DJ Koze’s Broken CD Mix) – Wechsel Garland
  9. Moan (Radio Slave’s Acapella Breakdown V.2) – Trentemoller
  10. My Gloomy Head – Wighnomy Brothers
  11. Beautiful Life (Gui Boratto Remix) – Gui Boratto
  12. Don And Sherri (Hot Chip Instrumental) – Matthew Dear
  13. Give It (Feat. Kurt Wagner) – X-Press 2
  14. Rub Your Potion (Fear Of Theydon Mix) – Grand National
  15. You Are Here (Four Tet Remix) – Nathan Fake

You’re more than welcome to download it from here:

Most of the tracks bought through Beatport – if you like anything in particular support the artists, buy some stuff, go and see them play, and so on…

Hope you like.

8 thoughts on “Sunny Saturday in The Loft – A Mix”

  1. thanks Iain. downloading now. your loft sounds nice. i used to have a room with decks and mixers and all sorts, then the kids arrived. i’m planning a dad music room in the very near future.

  2. Thank Iain!

    Dan that’s so funny, I’ve been arguing with my wife about building my dad music room. Making the painful decision to buy Serato to kick things off.

  3. To say that you have made my teams day is an understatment. Marc is gutted that he only has 3 minutes left, he hates the end of a journey. Thanks.

  4. Quality Mix, loving
    Beautiful Life (Gui Boratto Remix) – Gui Boratto. Brought a smile to my face on the Commute home.

  5. Per above, the Gui Boratto remix is first rate but the ebb and flow of the whole thing is beautifully judged. Very good work *indeed*.

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