Rainy Saturday In The Loft – A Mix


Well the weather has been vile all weekend so I did something I’ve been meaning to do for ages. I got some tracks I like, I climbed up into the loft and I put a mix together. I don’t really know how to describe the style. It’s definitely electronic, but it doesn’t really sit neatly in any pigeon hole I can think of. It’s a bit too laid back to dance to, but it’s still got a bit of ‘chug’ to it.

Oh well, I was quite pleased with it in the end.

Here’s the tracklist:

  1. i’m like you – dub tractor (city centre offices)
  2. dutch flowerz – skream (tempa)
  3. poor people must work (carl craig mix) – rhythm and sound feat bobbo shanti (burial mix)
  4. shiro – ame (sonar kollektiv)
  5. miles away (sascha funke remix) – paul kalkbrenner (bpitch control)
  6. i don’t know? – chelonis r. jones (get physical)
  7. the difference it makes (superpitcher remix) – the mfa (kompakt pop)
  8. kumquat – zwicker (compost black label)
  9. i try (jamie anderson beatless mix) – francois dubois (urbantorque)
  10. migracion (fujiya miyagi mix) – lopazz (get physical)
  11. tides (ripperton mix) – beanfield feat. Bajka (?)
  12. vuoi vuoi me (henrik schwarz remix) – mari boine (lean/universal)
  13. alsoran (original mix) – e.r.p. (frantic flowers)
  14. run into flowers (jackson remix) – m83 (groom)

You can download this mix from: http://rapidshare.com/files/40491832/Rainy_Saturday_in_The_Loft_-_June_30th_07.mp3

Most of the tracks were bought from the excellent Beatport.com so if there’s anything you particularly like I’d urge you to support the artists and buy some of their stuff.

7 thoughts on “Rainy Saturday In The Loft – A Mix”

  1. Thanks Iain, I really enjoyed it. I just listened to it twice today, which was a very rainy day in Germany, and it perfectly fitted the mood.

  2. ame, carl craig and henrik schwarz in one mix, excellent!
    i think i used something from each of those artists in the interesting mix for russell.

    great stuff iain!

  3. Wow, this is brilliant man. Had been searching allover to find ¨the difference it makes but could only find it as part of a mix. just as well i came across this mix cause it kicks ass man. well done

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