The Most Creative Website Ever

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I’m doing some pitchy type stuff and ran out of inspiration so I typed into Google “most creative website ever” hoping that I’d find something to inspire me.

And I came to this post about the most creative website I’ve seen in a long time, or maybe ever (on 37 signals)

It talks about this site:

I’ve seen it before earlier in the year, but I’d forgotten how simply brilliant it is. If you’ve not seen it before you ought to take a peek. It might not be the most creative site ever, but it remains really rather charming…

6 thoughts on “The Most Creative Website Ever”

  1. Yeah, I loved this when I first saw it too. I think one of the things that makes it so good (apart from it being a clever idea for a website that isn’t a ‘website’) is it’s emotional honesty. It’s one of the keys to creative writing (or any writing really) and she’s very good at it. I especially like the part when she writes “I just now got very nervous all of a sudden” and then the next image is the cooker with the burners on. It has a subtlety and charm that’s deceptively powerful.

    All of which, I think, applies to advertising, marketing and all this digital guff that we make. People like it when people are open and honest (companies especially) because they don’t feel used, abused, sold to, etc., etc. They make a connection with the person/company because many of those feelings, when honestly expressed, are pretty universal. They make the viewer/reader connect because they thing “yesI know exactly what that feels like, I feel that too and I’m so glad I’m not alone in that.”

    Great ideas and design tap into that naturally without having to have an ad/marketing campaign trying to ‘create’ that need/feeling for the product to ‘fulfil’. It’s the same issue that comes to bear on marketing/PR folks engaging with bloggers too.

  2. Is top. I bought the book. Is brilliant but, like that film she made, Me You and Everyone We Know, at its core its just very very sad.

    I just want to reach out and hug that girl.

  3. I was joking.. (a little)… But what do you mean? They are all images of text, ALT text would make the site work for people with text readers and would give the site some semantic meaning… Two perfect reasons…

  4. That was almost addicting! I just kept wanting more. I loved the lack of “web” ability to it, yet it had it’s own flow. She’s got a real site anyhow, so why not have something so fun and creative – it definitely got people talking.

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