The 7th Deadly Sin – We Have a Winner!

7 deadly sins winner

I’m absolutely flabbergasted at how many comments the 7 Deadly Sins of Digital has had. It’s up to 85 comments and still growing! But I figured it was time to pick my winner for the 7th Deadly Sin.

Trouble is, there are so many great ones in there. It’s really tough to pick just one. I could rename the whole thing “The 85 deadly sins of digital” but somehow it loses a certain ring.

Rupert’s comment holds particularly true (and it made me laugh):

I think a new website which includes the features discussed above could do quite well in a retro sort of way. Shouldn’t be hard to find a client anyway.

But for me my winner has to be this:

It’s a Flash movie but for it to start you need to put in your name and then you watch the movie and at the end there’s your name written somewhere IN THE MOVIE!

I can’t remember when I last laughed at a use of capital letters. But I genuinely did at these. I think the caps (and the !) just helped me to visualise the enthusiasm with which someone might present such an idea. There’s no way it’s the worst sin on the list, it’s just my favourite. Nice one Christian – I’ll be in touch about your prize!

A close second is Joe who didn’t leave a URL for me to link to:

Presenting the recently finished TV spot as the brief for the digital campaign.

Honestly it has happened once or twice. Really!

Other notable sins from the comments include: Huge loading times, inappropriate games, bad blogging, pdfs, sound you can’t turn off, me-tooism, social networks, send-to-a-friend, moving / rotating menu items, enter buttons, virtual changing rooms, and more.

Thank you everyone who commented. You’ve kept me amused and entertained over the last couple of weeks. Thank you.

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