9 thoughts on “Lara Croft – The World is a Pallet”

  1. The world is my canvas and full of colour – using both definitions for pallet.

    I suppose an artist could feel that the surfaces of the earth are suitable for art and the colour around brings out even the most basic artistic formats.

    Just my interpretation.

  2. Good point, they could just have mis-spelled palette… I’d not thought of that…

  3. The forklift truck puzzle in Tomb Raider 7 has evidently got Lara thinking philosophically. “If i can solve this small puzzle, imagine what problems I could solve with a really big forklift! Give me a big enough forklift and I could move the world. But how will i tell the people of the world? Chalk it on a Hove sidewalk that’s what!” Makes a change from murdering tigers and falling off high things i suppose.

  4. Well, it could be Lara Croft with a haircut and long trousers. There’s no rule that says cat-hating toff graverobbers can’t get the occasional haircut.

  5. Good point, they could just have mis-spelled palette… I'd not thought of that…

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