Trains and Bikes

moronic rail idiots

Inside the brain of a rail company…

Right, there’s this massive cycle ride from London to Brighton, we’ve known about it for ages, it happens every year. What should we do about it?

Hmmm… Loads of cyclists are going to ride a long way from one place to another. When they get there they’ll be really tired and won’t really want to cycle back. Shall we put a special trains to support them in their charitable cause? Perhaps we could try and create some goodwill from cycllists, who by their very nature have made a lifestyle choice that shows they’re not alpha-motorists.

We could still charge them for it so we wouldn’t lose money.

Nah, sod it. Let’s not bother. Let’s just ban them all from the rail network. That’ll make our lives easier. They can get someone to come and pick them up in the car.

Trains should be so good. But they’re just not.

3 thoughts on “Trains and Bikes”

  1. That’s a very strong point about cyclists not being alpha motorists. Trains should be falling over themselves to court this group. I say re-nationalise. Its silly having a network operation that benefits the country in a wider manner than just travel (punctuality, connecting, efficacy, low carbon, work commuting) and putting rail profits first. Putting the macro economy first through brilliant train services makes much more sense. Anyway, the taxpayers is subsidising the companies anyway. So lets call it straight and stop faffing around.

  2. Just about a week ago, a group of London triathlits won a case against the DLR and will be allowed to take their bicycle on the day of the event this year.

    i hope these will follow

    why be so stupid and mean and moron? i don’t get it

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