I do like Vimeo!

Following my post about 20 seconds ago asking if I liked Vimeo I got a comment from Jacko from Vimeo.

He doesn’t sound very angry at all. And he had a problem with Quicktime, so I guess he can say that. I had a problem with Virgin Media and I think I sounded angry too then.

I guess my point is that when you’ve got a nice thing, with a nice tone of voice and character, a bit of angry sticks out like a sore thumb. But Jacko says their redesigning the page right now, so things might just change.

Anyway I’ve made up my mind that I love Vimeo now. The fact that Jacko stopped by and said hi. The fact that they’re redsigning the site all the time and making it better all the time. All those things are acts of a company I like. Nice one.

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