Do I Like Vimeo?

vimeo logo

I like the player of Vimeo.
I quite like the design of Vimeo.
I like the fact it’s smaller than YouTube.
I like the thing that shows activity on the homepage, it’s nice and it makes it feel active and stuff.

But then I saw this:

Vimeo Quicktime

And I thought of that old thing about if you don’t have something nice to say…

It just made me feel the person who wrote it is a bit angry, I don’t like angry much. And I quite like Quicktime Pro, it does some good simple stuff easily. And $30 isn’t a lot for making my life easier in those ways.

Just that one little thing made me like Vimeo a little bit less than I did before. Which is a shame. I’ll stop now in case it sounds like I’m saying something not nice.

3 thoughts on “Do I Like Vimeo?”

  1. I said it was a ripoff because I’d had some real trouble with it. But I don’t remember what that trouble was anymore! derrrr

    Either way, a complete redo of the site comes out next week with a cleaner upload page.

  2. I get completely the opposite vibe from that – because it feels like a real person being honest. which is what it was. and he proved it by dropping by.

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