Waitrose Cycle Trailers

When I saw this poster I thought. Wow that’s cool, Waitrose are doing something good.

But then my inner cynic kicked in. I started thinking: “I’m sure not many people ever take them up on the offer”. “I bet they’ve only got one”. “I bet you have to leave a massive deposit”. “It’s just a PR stunt”.

I hate my inner cynic. Does everyone have one? Or have I been soiled by working in the communications industry?

5 thoughts on “Waitrose Cycle Trailers”

  1. You hate your inner cynic because you want him to be wrong… but more often than not, he’s right.

  2. Yes, everyone has an inner cynic. It’s more rife for use English though – I’ve noticed that since I’ve lived overseas. I it’s a kind of general blanket protection/coping mechanism to deal with how crap the UK’s infrastructure and lifestyle is (there’s my inner cynic kicking in).

    Not to be confused with your inner-critic though, which is much worse. God, Freud has a lot to answer for…

  3. Yes. I often wonder what it would be like to be “normal” and just take things for what they are. It also hurts your head doing all that behind the scenes thinking . . .

  4. everyone has an inner cynic…but, with waitrose/john lewis you can generally ignore it.

    Why don’t you just ask. I shouldn’t think you’d need to leave a deposit.

    which store was it? i’ll find out myself – what a great idea.

  5. They are free to loan out – there is no catch! You can loan them for up to 3 days!

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