YouTube is An Insult

It struck me the other day that “You Tube” is actually a Scottish insult.

If you don’t believe me here’s an article from 2003 that lists ‘tube’ as an offical insult: Scotland on Sunday – Put this in your Paisley briefcase, ya wido

3 thoughts on “YouTube is An Insult”

  1. Iain, that may only be a one line post about YouTube, but it certainly gets my vote for Post of the Month!

    And we’re only a couple of days into it.

    Brilliantly spotted.

    I will, if I may, pass it on to my Scottish pals at every opportunity.

    Will full attribution, of course, to CU.


  2. Whoops,

    Missed an ‘l’ in brilliantly.

    and will= with.

    (Too early for me on a Saturday morn.)

  3. I found this out too the other day, I was working in O’neils and talking to some Scottish lads about a youtube video we’d created and they told me youtube was a Scottish insult. I couldn’t believe them, but now you guys have confirmed it! Awesome.

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