Free Joost Invites, Who Wants Them?

I’ve got 2 invites for the beta of Joostâ„¢ up for grabs. Anyone want them?

In UGC style complete the following in 12 worlds or less (in the comments):

I’d like a Joost invite because…

OK – Compo Closed – I’ve picked the winners.

Dan and Adam should have received their invites.

Reason I chose them:

Dan because he lied outrageously about a friend called Joost, or perhaps he didn’t. Either way he made me laugh. And Adam because he rubbished the competition, which I always like as a strategy in these things ;-)

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23 thoughts on “Free Joost Invites, Who Wants Them?”

  1. … then I can pass invites to others and make myself popular ;-)

  2. I’d like a Joost invite because I don’t have a TV and I need passive entertainment!

  3. I’d like a Joost invite because I’m a online media nerd. If I don’t have Joost I’ll be a nobody!

  4. Hey Ian, if you sent me one thanks! if you didn’t – don’t, cause i just got one – woohoo :)

  5. I wanna be the object of envy and affection from n00bs. I wanna be the Joost n00b magnet.

  6. Wait! There’s a phone call from the banker! Oh, no, wrong gameshow. Yes, I’d like one because then I can get my own invites and be popular and everything.

  7. We want to put content on it that will change the world

  8. TV is my drug and I’m looking to get JOOOOOSTED legally!

  9. Because it’s the next big thing and I want to be part of it.


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